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Clarkson Chromatography Products, Inc - specializing in Hydroxyapatite.

UNISIL (Silicic Acid/Silica Gel)

Silicic acid is an important absorbent for column and thin-layer chromatography of a large variety of organic substances. It is used commerically and in research laboratories for the purification of organic compounds, particularly lipids, steroids, fat-soluble vitamins, and natural products of various kinds. It is also used for the identification of particular organic compounds from mixtures by chromatographic procedures.

Since its introduction in 1961 by Clarkson Chemical Company, UNISIL has come to be one of the most widely used commercial silicic acid products, largely because of its superior chromatographic properties, lack of soluble contaminants, and uniformity from batch to batch.

Unisil - Silicic Acid

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